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SS12/22 SSO1 SS32
SS12/22 SmartStage SS01 SmartStage SS32 SmartStage
Product Code: SS12/22

Product Code: SSO1

Product Code: SS32

Biotherm™ SmartStages are microscope stage warmers designed for precisely maintaining the stable temperature of specimens while they are examined or analysed under a microscope. The SmartStages are available for use with a variety of microscopes.

SmartStages require either a Power Module or a Command Station to operate.

Features and Specifications:

  • 25C to 40C within 4 minutes
  • Temperature Range: 2C above ambient to 55C
  • Specimens are not subject to any EMI, RF, magnetic fields or mechanical vibration
  • Thermally conductive plate provides temperature uniformity
  • Green LED indicates temperature status

  • SmartStageSS12SS22SSO1SS32
    Dimensions (mm)112x112112x112124x124150x150
    Aperature Size (mm)1222Slotted 16x6432 with glass insert
    Thickness (mm)6666

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