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CryoChamber Lids

Standard, Medium and Tall Lids

CryoChamber Lids are available in three sizes, to suit a wide variety of straws and ampoules.

The Standard lid is 20mm tall, and accomodates most standard ½ml or ¼ml straws, and 1ml or 2ml ampoules.
    Product Code: SL

The Medium lid is 60mm tall, for extended length ½ml or ¼ml straws.
Medium Lids require a modified CryoBath lid when used with the Small CryoBath, but not the Large CryoBath.
    Product Code: ML

The Very Tall lid is 120mm tall, to accommodate double-length straws.
Very Tall lids require a modified CryoBath lid.
    Product Code:VTL

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