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Information About Internal (Preprogrammed) Temperature Programs

Programs for Pre-installation are normally supplied by the customer. These Programs should include a STARTING temperature (C), and a FINAL STATE for the program (Hold or FreeFall) . Note: the temperature continues to be monitored / displayed past the end of the program.

Each ramp should contain a RATE of temperature change (C/min), a TARGET temperature (C) for that ramp, and a HOLD period (min) for maintaining the target temperature before continuing to the next ramp.

The programs may also show some text to indicate the application of the particular program, and in the case of CL-8800i programs a BELL (X) for sounding at the end of particular ramps (after the Hold time) may be added.

Below is a listing of a set of 4 Sample Programs.


Chip Name: DEMO_WWW For Model CL8800i
Temp (C)
Hold Time
Program 0: Human Embryo PrOH Start Temp:
Final State:
2.00 - 7.0 1.0 X
0.00 - 7.0 9.0  
0.30 - 60.0 0.0 X
Program 1: Epidydimal Sperm Start Temp:
Final State:
5.00 18.0 1.0  
0.50 6.0 5.0  
10.00 - 8.0 3.0  
5.00 - 40.0 0.0  
Program 2: Bovine Embryos Ethylene Glycol Start Temp:
Final State:
- 6.5C
0.00 - 6.5 8.0  
0.50 - 35.0 0.0  
Program 3: Placental Blood Glycerol Start Temp:
Final State:
4.00 4.0 5.0  
2.00 - 8.0 4.0  
0.65 - 120.0 0.0 X

When the final state is Hold the temperature controller will maintain the last specified target temperature until the program is interrupted or LN2 is exhausted.

When a final state of FreeFall is selected the controller will allow the temperature to drop from the last specified target temperature towards the temperature of Liquid Nitrogen (-196C), at a decreasing rate governed by the specimen temperature, the nature of the chamber, and the load.

If you need more information on how to design temperature programs, contact CryoLogic.

Programs can be replaced. CryoLogic provides a programming service for a modest fee. Submit your new program requirements in the format described above, clearly identify the machine for which the programs are required, including Type and Serial Number. The new program information is installed on a chip and is despatched with listings and graphs, and instructions for removing the old chip and installing the new one.

Product Code: CEP

Note: Program Chips cannot be exchanged between different model controllers.

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