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CL-P10 Power Pack & Car Cable

The CL-P10 is a dedicated Power Pack, manufactured by CryoLogic for the FREEZE CONTROL® range of freezer systems.
The Power pack is designed to provide an alternative source of power to the freezers when there is a power failure, or when a mains source is not available.

It is suitable for use on the bench top, in the field, and from a vehicle. The CL-P10 also has a built in charger, which will recharge the battery from mains.

CL-P10 Power Pack

The CL-P10 may be used in three ways:

(1) From Mains - as an Uninterruptible Power Supply. If mains power is irregular or unreliable, the power pack will ensure smooth power delivery. If power should fail altogether during a freezing procedure, then the internal battery will generally provide sufficient running time to complete the procedure.

(2) From Internal Battery - away from mains, as a Battery Pack. The freezer system can thereby be run in the field for durations only limited by the power stored in the battery (2 hours or more).

(3) From External 12 Volt Source - such as an auxiliary battery, or the generator of a motor vehicle. In this way it gives extended periods of operation away from mains and while travelling.

Weight: 5kg (with battery)
Dimensions: 125 x 180 x 220mm
Product Code: P10

Car Cable

The Car Cable is specifically designed for connecting the CL-P10 (or CL-5500 Temperature Controller) to an external 12V source, commonly a motor vehicle 12V electrical system.

Car Cable

The standard Car Cable is 2 metres in length, but a different length can be specified.
Product Code: PCAB

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